Reading RUST History i noticed something.

they are removing them in upcoming patches.

Explanation: alpha.

May just be me, but past tense usually means that it has already happened. I guess I was just wondering if there had been more zombies or something in past versions.

Honestly…the zombie theme would have worked had they actually been a threat to begin with. IE possibly thousands of zombies on the island and require them to be head shot in order to be killed would have made them actually a decent threat.

They did that because they don’t want to bother changing it later.

Honestly I would prefer there NOT to be any Zombies anyways. Just other dangers to the world instead.

Some guy mentioned dinosaurs on another thread, I still think this would be the best and fit the theme of the game. Bigger ones could eat players too and smash bases, when killed drop all the loot.

Kind of good I think, breaks the tie it has with DayZ.

I vote NPC military convoys or hunter-killer groups. Make them the only source of advanced armor and weaponry, and give them real teeth. Maybe even armored vehicles, so if you’re not ready to take them on, you just run. Although I’d be alright with dinosaurs, too.

Bonus: Less KoS PVP. While it is of course always going to be a part of Rust, giving people something to do IN ADDITION to murdering their fellow players might be nice. Also might force cooperation beyond just a small group of you and your friends. Maybe we’d actually see makeshift towns built by different groups, kind of like what Garry said he wanted to see happen.

Or, they could have dinosaurs AND NPC military forces, and you could see a few T-Rexes take on a platoon of soldiers. Fun for the whole family!

zombies were just a test, they’re replacing them with other BAD npcs

Just track this and in some time we will knew what going to happen with zombies.