Reading Server Files From Client?

I have a client pop-up window that allows you to spend coins, but for obvious reasons I have to store the coins on the server.
How do I go about accessing the coin .txt files from the client?
Thanks in advance.

Use concommands for the client to interact with the server and then to receive feedback after the interaction use usermessages. Use the file library included in GLua on the serverside to handle editing the coins.txt file when the player changes it. All you need is on the wiki.

Also, may I suggest databases or some other method of storing the information? Seems like a bitch to continually edit.

Wasn’t aware you could use databases with GMod, will take a look.

Yep. SQL is pretty common, there is even a mysql module if that’s your thing:

You could also keep your text files but use XML to make them more quickly-read without the need to write your own parser

Well, the .txt files only contain a number.
Might just stick with that.