Ready made models I just want exported.

I have tried and cried, but failed no less than 53 times to get this chair model to work. I am making a to the inch map of my school and this is the exact chair we use.

I just want it exported into a working gmod model file. The texture is a blue plastic, but don’t worry about that too much, I will edit it later.

Should I email someone the file, or upload it?

Uploading it would be best.

Though what is the problem your having when compiling it?

Thank you very much (I am a friend of sparrow, and his facepunch won’t let him reply)

Thanks so much, What happens is that I made the model in maya (hence the upload is a mb file), but then i think that (in maya) I didn’t aplly and save textures right. Anyway, when I exported the file I get the QC file, and some other ones but when I use GUIstudio it seems that the materials are wrong. So what I think I missed is the texturing and I was wondering if anybody knew how to get this mb file exported to the source format. (the mb file doesn’t have the right textures now)

thanks already