Ready Steady Art

[release]Ready Steady Art
Created by iRzilla & Jammie Dodger


Draw. The gamemode is a RTS where you must draw your soldiers and buildings (possibly HUD :L) And using 3d2d and [sp]datastream[/sp] these will be drawn onto your buildings/soldiers.


My soldier :stuck_out_tongue:

My soldier in 3d (Not the same as the above.:


Reminds me of Drawn to Life.

Oooh, reminds me of a pencil-and-paper game I used to play with my friends, a strategy game where players had rules on types of buildings, units and their abilities, but could style their buildings and units however they liked.

You might want to find some way of increasing the detail with which you can draw units, to give people more options. You’ll also want to think about how units will attack each other graphically - find a way of making this look exciting!

This is the best idea I’ve seen declared for this contest so far, enough so that I’m wishing I’d thought of it myself. Make it work! :smiley:

That was where I got my idea :>

Maybe soldiers could ‘throw’ their blocks at each other. :3: COLOUR FIGHT! Needs balance though, don’t want completely full canvas for the purpose of having more blocks to throw.

I was thinking of them throwing erasers at each other :stuck_out_tongue:

As Devenger said, best idea entered so far. I do hope you finish enough of it.

That, sir, is pure win. Man, I wish I could erase my troubles in real life (i.e. Co-workers) this easily!

I want to erase my teachers…

Also, I want to design a few things :stuck_out_tongue:


Time to draw a penis soldier.

Just… Why? D:

I want to play this :smiley:

Anyone got a better way I can transfer my pixel data? At the moment it’s sending a table of 256 values (One for each pixel.)

Usermessages each time they change the data on an individual pixel, perhaps? Best way I could think of. Would be a hell of a lot faster than datastream.

Only downside is possible net buffer overflow.

Umm so how would you play this game? Is it just like a drawing game or do they battle?

They battle of course. I got a picture of a soldier in 3d.

awsome thanks. Just i can’t picture what is happening.

Looks like you just painted it there with ms paint :v:

Never the less, good luck with this… might be good.

Might?! You under estimate us.

Headstrong ftw :L