"Ready?" "Three, two.." - Two soldiers about to clear a gas station.


I spent half my day working on this mainly because I’m absolute crap when it comes to posing. I would really love it if you guys gave me some real hard C&C because I’m sure I won’t get better without it! :colbert:
And a little backstory on why they’re not using assault rifles:
Ammunition is scarce and these two have used up all of their AR ammunition like dummies and are now down to their pistols! :v:
p.s. if you don’t understand all the black, it’s supposed to be his gasmask. It was the first time I’ve done this kind of thing so I’m 100% positive it turned out complete crap.

It is original.
On CC I can say that it is a bit too dark and if you want to make it look like glass, add some more effects on it (like a little of mirror effect or some light on it)

They both look like they have awfully long arms, especially the guy with the revolver. Looks like you probably zoomed out a bit too much.

Posing on the guy on the left could be improved, but other than that it looks nice.

Hah, I noticed! I’ll make sure not to do that again! :v:

I dont get the bullet holes in the glass. If he got shot there, wouldnt he have probably gotten shot in the face?
Though the editing of the glass is good, i just dont think it makes any sense.

It is quite clearly only cracked glass. Which still makes no sense for the mask would likely be breached at that point and useless.

Thanks for the notice! I’ll make sure to look at the tiny details next aswell! :v: