Ready to Bebop and Rocksteady

I found this free online game and I’ve tried to rip the models from the game with Ninja Ripper but I have had no luck. Here is the source webpage for the game:

I was wondering if anyone could help rip the models especially the shredder.

I’ve been trying to get the game to come up but I’m still on black screen. Seems like a few of the games on the site are ports from android/ios games, so you may want to try looking for the same game on Google Play or the iTunes store. It’s only a matter of extracting from the apk or ipa, then finding out the model format and converting from there.

That game actually looks like it’s using sprites of models over actual models…

Sprites of the models?

That’s not unheard of. A lot of games back in the day had actual models or motion captured animations, that were then converted to HD-esque sprites (digitizing). A lot of fighting games did this in the SNES era.