REAL Fragmentation Grenade

If im correct, a fragmentation grenade is a grenade that has less of a explosion and uses shrapnel to kill hostiles, I cannot find one on, so what Im looking for is a grenade that explodes and maybe small pieces of HL2 Debris or some sort of shrapnel flies around and sticks to things/walls/etc.

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Isn’t there a fragmentation missile from Phoenix-Storms mod that features a bomb like that?

Dont think so

well, there’s not much HL2 shrapnel…unless you want it to explode babies, cinderblocks, and milk cartons…

Most frag grenades still have a pretty tough explosion, the shrapnel is just bits of metal flying out generally from the shell/some on the inside to accent that.

Yeah, but could you have a physical object to fly out, thats very sharp and has the physical properties of metal and has the abilities to stick to enemies, walls, etc.

By that time, you’d have to script up a good entity, or actually make a new prop with the physical statements of that of a sawblade or harpoon.

Just use bullets. Then in slowmo scripts, you’d see the “shrapnel”, like in SMOD: Tactical, or GMod P… nevermind. :mmmhmm:

Why not change the model of the sawblade to something that is alike a shrapnel pieces but keep the sawblades functions, same as a harpoon? If thats how lua works?

I think the sawblade/harpoon stick into the walls X inches from the model, so all your shrapnel would be floating X inches away from the walls.

Oh that makes sense, is there another way to do this instead of replacing models? I was thinking then maybe u could use flechettes?

I can work on a demonstration video for a conceptual version of this grenade if you’d like.

I can see how it would work in my head, I just would need to apply the calculations in game, for how the shrapnel would work.

Sounds goood :), add me on steam at justinshaw1 just for explanations and such :slight_smile:


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