Real life measurements to Hammer ?

I was thinking of mapping a real area but last time I tried to do it by memory it turned out all wonky. I was wondering if anyone knows what is, or where I kind find a system or equation that shows real life measurements to Hammer units ?
Like X feet = X Units


If you go to map > units there’s an option of either (hammer) units, inches, or inches and feet.

I’m not too sure about that, though.

If you were going to map a real location like your house, I’d recommend going around and taking measurements of everything, then put them into an image editing program that let’s you use real sizes then make that into a texture.

Yes. Go to map>units and you can change it to feet/inches or just inches.

Also if I’m not mistaken each Hammer unit is an inch.

As for mapping a real life location, do like zomg said and get measurements of everything. It’s not too hard to do.

Getting measuremewnts of everything isn’t a great idea, it’s far better to work from what looks good. The dev textures provide a good rough guide to player dimensions and you can very easily work from that and some good reference photos, or even your imagination. If you make things to the 1 unit = 1inch scale it can easily look very off, due to the players FOV being different to that of real life.

tj;dr: Units are the same as inches for hl2 and other such source games, except for characters. Characters are midgets.