Real life tactics in gaming?

I’m posting this in the Gmod section because most of the stuff I do with this project is in Gmod itself.

Okay, my name is Jacob. Hello world. For the past couple of months, I’ve been researching the use of real life tactics in video-gaming. By real life tactics, I mean things like slicing the pie, the high-low, leapfrog and room breaches. Now, some of these tactics can actually work really well and be extremely fun to pull off, but what do you guys think? Can these tactics, with the right training, fit into some video games? Or am I just a wannabe FPS pro fag?
I’ve tried these tactics in a variety of games, but the one I tend to lean towards is Counter-Strike. They can actually work quite well and fit great with the radio commands, but you need a decent team backing you up if you want them to work well.
I test most of my methods in Gmod. It’s so easy to set up a hallway and some weapons in that game.

Note: I’m also looking for anyone who knows how to make some sort of shooting target or who owns a link to somewhere I can get one. By shooting target, I mean something like CoD targets or a target of a shooting range. In Gmod, this could be something that is destroyed after it hits a certain damage amount, falls backwards after hitting a certain damage amount, disappears, etc.

If your into the tactics thing I would check to see if the Gmod Soldiers are still running… They love military roleplay.

This may, yes, have potential but giving combat simulations with a keyboard and mouse will IMO render not much experience(Or translate well from RL experience). VR Simulators are the link, just look at how the military uses VR to treat PTSD.

Now for something like you said with dummy targets you could try Gmod wire, with the damage detector, a few gates, and maybe a wire hydraulic and you’ve got yourself a dummy. :techno:

@ JoeSkylynx

I used to do military RP on another game. I’ll look into it.

@ LoneWolf_Recon

The experience is great with a keyboard and mouse, but your idea sounds good too. I might have to get me one. :3

I tried using Wire, but I’m not very good with it. My efforts with the damage detector all resolved in failure.

shoot ppl

stay far, far away and launch as many projectiles as possible


Let me explain some of the tactics:


Stack up on a wall. Man one enters enemy sight, crouching. Man two takes place behind him and remains standing. Both men then shoot individual targets. Once they are certain the area is clear, every man in the stack exits and hugs a wall, moving down the hallway as they do. At the end, they turn the corner and clear the area.

Slicing the pie

Simple. Whilst in a stack, stick your head around bit by bit to get a view of the area and report back the information.


Take it in turns to move throughout an area, cover to cover. Try to take as much ground as possible. One man moves at a time and every man must overtake the other man.

Breaching rooms

Stack up. Breach. It’s hard to explain without showing you it. :3

Leapfrog is better known as ‘Buddy Bound’, as it is more effective with a two man team, at least in real life.

B&C isn’t that hard to explain. First person in goes far corner, second corner behind the door, third to the corner to the side of the first guy, fourth to the open corner.


First of all this doesn’t work due to the nature of the game. In real life you regulary do not have a second chance, thus you want to avoid doing mistakes and you get to the level of your training when the action begins. In virtual worlds there’s always a second chance and people are just used to the fact that its no biggie, they can always respawn.

Also there’s so many little details which do not exist in video games which just make everything much simplier, Most of the FPS gamers can’t keep a gun up long enough to get a good shot, nor can they use a gun without detailed inspection of whatever realistic things are going on the screen. Claiming otherwise would be kind of like saying that by watching an action movie you’ll automatically are able to effectively use a gun or that by watching matrix movie you’ll know how to do neat tricks without breaking your neck.

I suppose SOME real life tactics can be used in games but you must understand that just like in real life these tactics must be practiced a lot and preferably in stressfull enviroment. And this is where things stop working, I really do not think that you’ll find someone whos ready to just do training drills with you and some few other guys all day long for multiple days straight and all the time give their 100%.

Probably the only real “tactic” which can be effectively used in video games is peaking and taking cover instead of just counting that your low ping will give you a better trigger pull.

Everything else’s just terribly inconvenient, For example this tactic which you call leapfrog. Could you like explain me how exactly are you effectively going to use it in a shitty flat map and in a game where you can’t get on the ground?

Like papu said, the only real tactic i can think of is taking cover

Just use breakable props?

Actually, if he were to become active on a serious HL2RP server he’d find lots of people who would be very happy to give him regular training drills if he were to become a metrocop or overwatch. Can’t use most tactics, but breaching, formations and various other real tactics are often incorporated into the recruit training on those servers.

jakeabbott96; I also do this kind of stuff in ALL of my Xbox 360 games and all my pc games. I am still waiting for a major realism game with this kinda stuff.

Is Spray n’ Pray a used tactic in real life? If so, yes some gamers do use tactics.

Most modern games will send an extrapolated timestamp value from the last checkup with the server and perform action in the order in which that timestamp states they were recieved, so low pings won’t give you an advantage unless the difference exceeds a threshold value.


Happy memories of attempting a breach on DarkRP. Me and some other police dudes tried to break into a gangster hideout. The point guy opened the door, a guy near the back threw a flash grenade, it bounced off the point man, our entire squad got blinded, but we charged in anyway, and that went as well as you’d expect.


Woah… good to see some of the replies I’ve been getting!
You think these tactics are stupid? I openly invite everyone here who’s interested to come and train and play with me. I’m serious. If you’ve got CS:S, Gmod and can set up / use a server with guns and shit, I’ll show you what I mean. Or if you’ve got BF2 and PR, they work great with it. This means you, Papu.
Trust me, they work to some extent. The reason why people think they don’t work is because no-one uses them. There’s loads of tactics that can be used in gaming if you put the effort in to learn them, but most people seem to adopt the mainstream ones. It’s my style of play and it works for me quite well. With enough training, I’d be much better with it, but it’s a work in progress.