Real mw3 footage leaked

lol not really


I forgot that you-know-who died and i don’t know why he is in MW3

uploading more tomorrow regardless of whether these are good or not

That looks like Modern Warfare -3

I thought Ghost died.

Stiff and genetic…looks like MW3 :colbert:

He “died?” Nah, they just shot him and lit him on fire. I’m sure he’s fine, god knows anyone can survive anything in that series.

dont be hatin on my duty calling


magnum is usually one-hit-kill

i think fire is just double-tap

O-K posing tho.

I was talking more about how Price “dies” at the end of Modern Warfare 1, but then he’s fine in MW2.

they must be running it on crap settings

looks like their animator was drunk


It’s not false, looks like the quality of MW3. Considering it’s going to be made by less than half a development studio.

Looks like they replaced the animator with a 6 year old kid with ADD, along with every… oh look a kitty

Fire took for-fucking-ever to murder someone in WaW, but that’s not an IDub game AND DOESNT COUNT DAMMIT

Arm posing in picture no.1 looks really rigid and awkward. Soap’s looking good, though.

Modern Warfare 3 is going to be in Source Engine?


Lol @ Picture #3.

Oh god this sucks ass.
Id rather see some pictures from Sottalytober or whatever his name is.

at least you tried

Number 2 was the most convincing.

When i entered this thread, my expectations were Uberslug like editing and kick ass posing… i am disapointed.

when i saw the title i thought “hmmm,wrong section and probably,it must be some fake stuff”

then i saw the pictures,the avatar and OP name
i lost all hope