Real Print


Real Print
Need a break from all those boring printers that all do the same thing? Real Print is simple a printer addon that tries to be different than every other printer addon on the market. No tiers, no batteries, no upgrades (yet), just a printer and paper (and extinguisher). It’s simplistic yet engaging and your players will love it!

How it works
There is the main printer entity with a custom model, a paper entity, and an extinguisher SWEP. The printer runs on iterations, by default it is sent to 10 iterations and by default each iteration is 10 seconds long. At the end of an iteration a configurable amount of money is added to the printer and there is a chance that the printer may set on fire. There are three different chances for the printer to set on fire, low, moderate and high. You can configure each iteration to a specific chance level. By default, the first 6 iterations are set to low, the following 2 are set to moderate and the final 2 are set to high. When a printer catches fire it will be ignited for a configurable amount of time (5 seconds by default). The player will need to use the extinguisher swep to put out the ignited fire, by default it takes 5 hits (around 1 1/2 seconds) to extinguish a fire on a printer. If the player fails to extinguish the fire it will explode and deal explosion damage.


  • Almost everything is configurable
  • Custom printer model
  • Different than almost every other printer out there
  • Simplistic but still engaging
  • Optimized code
  • Double press ‘e’ on the printer to set it upright


  • Drop real_print folder into garrysmod/addons/
  • Configure DarkRP entity settings in your DarkRP config
  • Configure addon settings in real_print/lua/rprint_config.lua


  • custom printer model - Old Bill (great modeler)

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