Real Role Play - DarkRP

Real Role Play
DarkRP Based


Redid the items menu, made them nice and neat.
Drug dealer class
Bartender Class

Soon to come, within 24hrs:
Casino Owner Class, with slots and all that
More drugs
2 Different gangs
More addons everyday.

DarkRP? You will never get it filled, I suggest going down to 32 slot or even think about 20 slot…

This isn’t true. Although I hate DarkRP, I’m not going to say you can’t fill a 50 slot up. I know you can, I’ve seen it done before. Although you need a good server and you need to disable voice. 50 Slots is kind of dumb IMO.

The sad thing is more people join the mingy darkrp servers then the actual serious roleplay. It’s quite sad

Yeah it really sucks. -.-. All because of DarkRP IMO.

I recommend getting CakeScript: G3 when it comes out. It’d be a LOT better for SeriousRP and you might just fill up that 50 slot server. I know a server, 16 slots, runs CS:G2, and has a waiting line of people wanting to join.

Just go ahead and get CakeScript: G2 for now so you can get some of the basics down.
Other than that, good luck. I might come play on the server one day once (and if) it’s off DarkRP (DarkDM).

yes Cakescript G3 is going to be the best then i hope to see more players in my Serious RP Server i have to be stuck with Darkrp Untill Then Unless You guys know of something better than Darkrp.

Gee, nice title, it’s good that you screen yourself away from those RP counterfitters out there…

This isnt about your server