!REAL RUST! Come play FAIR PVP with RUST++ wipe on Jan.25! [US EAST|NY]

Hello and thanks for considering the server.
This is a full PVP server but new players are welcome.


Rust++ Mod
-Door Share
-Personal Message System
-numerous other player commands
-Basic starter kit
Craft time: 1/2!!!
Sleepers: ON

We have active admins that are here only to kick/ban players and deal with out of the ordinary situations,
NO special treatment will be given to anyone (Including admins and their friends!) we just want to play REAL RUST!

**No settings we have are set in stone, we want player feedback and will adjust as necessary!

*Coming soon:
-Battle Arena, I plan to create an arena to do some free-for-all/team deathmatch games.
These events will be scheduled and will be done separate from the rest of the game, they will be just for fun/increasing your gun skills.
-If lots of new players start to join and we need a “Safe Zone” for new people to get off the ground, I will create one.
Some players like the struggle and consider it part of the game so I have not gotten around to it yet.

If you have questions feel free to contact me through steam (MastaAron).

Good server with fair admins. Expect a friendly PvP experience. Players are willing to help new players in general chat

No admin abuse. Fun PvP. :smiley: