Real Rust!

I have a bunch of friends that all play Rust, one of my friends has started texting pictures of things he runs into in the real world that remind him of Rust. So I thought it might be fun to start a thread of people posting images from around the world that remind them of something they have seen in Rust. We live in Minnesota, we title our texts “Real Rust - Mankato”. Here are two pictures of the pictures we have sent so far…



See you out there!



i got a picture but its for 18+ players and if i show it i think i would be banned so i eep myslef from posting it.

Come on, hit that stone with your hatchet. :slight_smile:

Thats funny. This past weekend I was thinking about the same thing. All around town, they have ‘decorative’ large stones in the grass by sidewalks, roughly the same size as we would see in-game. All I think to myself while driving around is… ‘man, I need to get that metal ore before someone else does…’ lmao

Just post the link and say its NSFW


Lol sometimes I walk outside and search around to make sure there isnt any guys running around in full kevlar

When you get raided.

so funny


I do that as well. Considering I live in the same city where Zadok is I have to be on the look out.

Do you really want me to post a picture of me naked and sitting outside in a shack? It doesn’t get anymore like REAL Rust than that does it?

Maybe there will be 4 naked men outside with hatchets beating down my door.

You forgot the part where if you’re out of town for 24 hours and don’t open a door in your house it just gets up and flies away (decays).

It’s like I am really playing rust

Then you build your new double doors by adding a new door after it flies away and returns tomorrow all tuckered out.