Real-Time Strategic Clusterfuck

eh, looked better in my head, composition sucks etc etc


lookin’ swaggalicious


That’s amazing

Pretty much any late game RTS match.

p. nice

it’s just like one of my supreme commandings!

Wow this is amazing and brings back so many memories.

Like whenever I on the verge of losing playing as the bad guys in any C&C game, the best thing to do was sell all my buildings and stock up on terrorists.

where can I get those models???

everything except the spider mech can be found here or on

i used Frontlines FoW, BF2142, Tom Clancy’s Endwar and Front Mission stuff, and the small yellow units are


Awesome, btw are those spider mech from the lost planet models?

This is just awesome! so many good memorys of rts games.

Absolutely awesome. How long did all the editing take you?

sort of, i put them together from the LP spider mech thingy and the russian FME mech

some hours, not in one sitting

Wow, thats excellent!

That epic moment in the game when two turtling players build up their monster force, select all of it and click “FUCK EVERYTHING”

Simply awesome Joazzz!

I’m always a sucker for RTS-style stuff.

Everything is going according to plan I see^^