Realism Effect 1 - Sprint

I didn’t find this anywhere except on custom made sweps that were meant to do this.
A simple lua script that just lowers your gun whenever (you’re sprinting) the command +speed is used. It just simply lowers your weapons disabling you to shoot people that’s it. It’s pretty much a clichee of MW2 and BFBC2 and quite a lot more games + swep packs. I don’t think this was made, and if it wasn’t, then I’m a bit surprised?

My Lua Hl2 Weapons have this, And my mw2 weapons. I know this is 2 days old, but yeah…

Other than that, its possible to do this fully for any weapon, but you would need to do crappy vector sets for ALOT of weapon classes if you have any favored v_models and what not.

Well, I’m fine with crappy vectors.
As long as it’s for ALL weapons existing, perhaps a convar command to toggle it on and off, and I’m good with horrible vectors. As long as it disables you from shooting while sprinting. And yes, I’ve tried your hl2 lua sweps but I want this script for all of my sweps. And if possible, a convar command to toggle it. Would you like to go for a go Wizey?