Realistc "Lavafall"

So, I’m trying to make a LOHAC map (for all of you non-homestuck people, look here.) And try as I might, I just cannot get the lava coming out of the gears looking right. It doesn’t look like it’s flowing out, it just looks like a pipe. Do you guys have any tips for me?

Try those, but more red/orange (and less transparent)

Animated bumpmap should look pretty good, but hard to make.

No, I’m not talking about the texture. I’m talking about getting the model itself to be more realistic.

Curved more at the top then. But a good texture will help alot. Also you need to get rid of the seam between the two cylinders.

Actually, all you really need to do is smooth it and make it take longer to curve

Also maybe make it skinnier near the bottom.

Sweet, that’ll help. Thanks!

Make it wider and flatter at the top then have it turn into a tube near the bottom

You should start with a simple cylinder first and unwrap it so the UV map is nice and symmetrical, then bend and scale the segments as you please. That way you can just use a seamless lava texture that will go on the model perfectly without creating ugly seams.

The thing is, you might want to try and use two layers so you can have a more in-depth look. Each layer can have its own texture that adds to the overall “effect” to simulate lava. A great example of this is the Overlord DLC in Mass Effect 2. There’s an area with lava rivers and the lava looks pretty damn nice. I believe they used a similar technique to the one I discussed, but it could also just be a really nice custom shader.

LOHAC looks pretty cool.
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