Realistic animation and ragdoll SOON

I plan to make a similar animation system as it was in advanced locomotion system v4 (UE4 ), and make it all completely procedural. As a result, I want to get realistic procedural animations and ragdoll players and npc.
( There may be work on realistic driving and damage to vehicles, but I think other people will do it faster than me ).
Thank you to @Grodbert for answering my questions and helping me :slight_smile:

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Update post

I see that it is available in C++, I have plans to do it in C# in S&BOX.

Something compared to GTA IV/GTA V?

Yes. Procedural animations may not be as realistic as in gta v/iv, but I will try to do similar.

But I think you can reach the level of gta, you need to make more effort. So if you have any knowledge of this, you can unsubscribe here.

The same with the physics of transport, I want to make it high-quality as in gta iv/V, with good destructibility. And perhaps a small destructibility of objects, fences, fragments from the wall, and so on.

Nice :+1:


Not bad idea.

Thank you very much

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