Realistic Baby

Everybody’s seen the HL2 baby doll. Everybody’s used the HL2 baby doll for interested things like testing gravity or weapons. What I’ve been dying to see is a baby ragdoll, with two arms and both eyes. This could desensitize many children to violence, breeding a few generations of moral-free killing machines we could incorporate into the military or something. I just want to throw babies into traffic.

Well I can get this one for you, but it’s just a prop and not ragdolled or anything unfortunately.

Mortal Kombat 9 comes with a default baby model. If I could get the source files for it I would be able to do some magic and port it over.

How easy would this be to rig to a crude skeleton? I’ve done a bit of it, myself, and this doesn’t seem too difficult.


Zeno clash contains a baby that’s much better than the HL2 doll in it’s content pack



Is it a ragdoll?