Realistic Blood Effect

I made it because I was bored, but basicly it’s a more realistic version of the other blood impact.

Enjoy, now.

Pictures of no clicktures


Unless he was storing his sand collection in that combat vest of his, thats no better then what we have with the stock game.

Is it the impact effect or the one that splats to the floor?

make video

It’s the impact.


I don’t need to make a video on a simple impact effect.

That’s a bit too much blood, don’t you think?

I barely put any blood. What are you talking about?

lol, you can’t read sarcasm.

hmfh it is red smoke it is not blood!!! …


You can’t either.

he has dirty clothes

I actually like this blood impact, maybe a little decrease on the smoke that flies out after just shot, I like the mist of blood though.

Will do.

Nice come-back

This looks great, although I won’t download it simply because I don’t feel I need a new blood impact. :stuck_out_tongue:

can’t you load it to


Why? It’s not that hard to make a zip and upload