Realistic Blood-on-hud effect

Hey everyone,

After I recently played the new mod SmodTroopers, there was a interesting blood effect, which im almost positive could be done in garrysmod, is that cool blood on the hud effect, for example, if I were to shoot a zombie from up close, a very small splatter or spots of blood would go on my screen. If this is possible, fairly simple, etc, and you are willing to make this, please post below :slight_smile:

Plz make this i Want this me To

Bumpity Bump?

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The worst part is that I don’t think it would be that hard to make, and it would be pretty cool and all, but we need some blood-textures!
If you can get us some of those, someone would probably make it pretty quick.

Cant you just rip the blood on screen textures straight from smod troopers/soldiers?

Jmanbag, i don’t know if you understand, that, it’s not “easy” to port textures or “rip” textures. Its not just a drag and drop option.

Just thought id let you know ^^

SMod Troopers is a source mod.

So yes, it is a drag and drop option.

Oh is it? i wasn’t aware it was a source mod “embarrassing moment”. I thought it was a game like prototype or assassins creed, since everyone wants shit from those games. Disregard my earlier post.

thnx :smiley:

So it would be simple ? If so could someone kindly do that, I mean if I tried hard enough I could probably find the textures that goes on the screen but I wouldnt know how to make it actually appear on the screen, thats what im requesting.


Im looking through the files now too and im seeing blood_drop.vtf , blood_trail.vtf, blood_pool.vtf, etc. It seems to be the goremod used in Smod, am I right ?

More than likely, Probably a modded “garry” version of it, i mean its possible that they just used goremod on it, but since its a professional game you’d think they use a more manufactured, beefed-up version.
Try getting those files and asking how to make them appear on the hud with lua. Or even ask my best friend-google.

Hope this helped

Jmanbag, if you want, I could take on your request I am currently free of work.
Just talk to me on steam, I’ll see if I have time.