Realistic Bugbait

I Reguest for a Realistic Bugbait. it would be like this: You throw it to somewhere and some antlions would rise from ground near the place you threw it, and if you squeeze the bugbait,some antlions would rise from ground near you.If it’s possible, would somebody make it? and sorry for my bad english, im from finland.And thanks for reading.And yeah, this was a fast request.

EDIT: And forgot to mention, make the antlions friendly too. Thanks.

em, i’m not sure that would work on a map straight out, the map has to be spiecally designed for this, making loads of antlion spawns with the the spawn input linked to the bugbait’s output(fire, altfire)


oh and the antilion friendly thing is a global state, if not activaited even if you set em friendly i don’t think they’ll react to bugbait

But silver lan made the burrowed antlions and the antlion will react if you throw it but will not react to squeezing the bugbait.

that’s because they probably haven’t been given the input to unburrow WHEN they hear the bugbait or whatever

Well then somebody needs to make the input to unburrow then.But with lua ofcourse

Anyone want to make it?

Please somebody make it

This can be done by spawning antlions then using some ent_fire commands. I don’t know if Lua will support it though.