Realistic Building, Weather, Guns, Radtowns and PvE in general.

Ok, Rust right now is all PvP. PvE is pretty much non-existent. PvP shouldn’t be the only thing to do. Here is my journey in a rust life:

Get stuff.
Get Base.
Farm for blueprints for ages.
Once I have blueprints, I run around and kill stuff, sometimes I raid to get more stuff to run around and kill stuff.

That’s it. Nothing else really to do. Rust is supposed to be a survival game but there is no survival to it.

Maybe it’s just my opinion but I like realism in games. Were seeing these huge massive unraidable bases in a game about survival. That’s just not realistic.

So lets get to my first point: Realistic building. Lets add more starter buildings. How about tents and small lean-tos. We could have tents to keep us warmer at night and keep the weather (rain/snow) from affecting you. However they are rather flimsy, so someone can easily break them down if they want. Tents also require a common blueprint so you won’t be making them straight away. They are transportable, and you can see them on your back when transporting them. They take up 6 inventory slots when moving them and take 40 seconds to set up.

Lean-To’s are the first shelter a newman probably will have. There is no blueprint required and there is a campfire included. However the leanto has no way of defending against players or wolves/bears/other hazards, yet keeps out the weather well enough.

If you have any conecepts for some better starter buildings, tell me. Basically, starter buildings serve as somewhere to live while setting up a usuable base.

Now, while your living in your little starter building, might as well set up camp and get ready to build your base. Let’s start by placing wooden spikes along your encampment (other traps are coming so I won’t elaborate on this). Once your camp is all set up, your probably safe to start building your little log cabin.

We get rid of the twig tier, we don’t need it anymore because of the starter buildings. Yes I know people like to plan with it, but Ill get to that in a second. When you want to start building your going to need to place your foundations, which works the same as it does now. Only difference is you can’t place some twig foundations then upgrade them immediately to stone or armored. You have to place them down as wood first. Each of these will cost 100 wood but are automatically upgraded to wood. (yes, more expensive). Once you have your foundation you need to start building. This is where framework is introduced. If you want to set up walls or any vertical building, you have to place your framework (here is the planning portion).

Building anything takes a small amount of time. Everytime you build a frame or a pillar it takes 3 minutes to finish. You don’t have to hammer on it but you do need to stay in the general area. You can cancel things at anytime using the building plan. When the framework is done then you have to build the walls, which takes another 3 minutes. Upgrading walls finishes instantly though.

This makes it so you can’t just build an insta-base. Your going to need to carry a tent around or materials for a lean to because if you need a quick shelter, real bases will take 6 minutes to set up. 6 minutes will kill you. This will also reduce the amount of buildings around maps, making it feel less busy and causing the server less stress.

Framework is easy to knock down, and you don’t need to upgrade it. Once you start placing and upgrading walls the framework upgrades automatically. So now we have our framework, time to start placing walls. Each wall costs 200 wood. A few minutes go by and your house is built. Now you have done some gathering and want to upgrade your house. You can’t upgrade straight to metal, so you have to go through stone first. Stone is x stone per wall. Then you have to upgrade to sheet metal which costs x metal frags. Finally we have armored which costs x metal frags and x stone.

The point is it is supposed to be much harder to make a super good base. This is a great way to discourage mega-bases which make no sense in a survivalist game. Now smaller but heavily trapped bases will be more ideal. (Mega-Bases will still exist with clans, but in different ways).

Last point. Each wall/floor/whatever has a certain amount of weight. This means there will be no 4 story full metal houses on wooden foundations. The more weight on a foundation, the less health it has, and if too much weight is put on a foundation it will break.

Wood Foundation: Supports 200 weight
Stone Foundation: Supports 400 weight
Metal Foundation: Supports 600 weight
Armored Foundation: Supports 2000 weight

Wooden Wall: 100 weight
Stone Wall: 200 weight
Metal Wall: 150 weight
Armored Wall: 500 weight.

Pillars support 2x more weight, and floors are 1/2 the weight of walls. However this balances out because each pillar will be forced to hold up 4 or more floors, which will start to add up. Once the weight exceeds the maximum that the pillar/foundation can hold the health starts to go down. Each pillar/foundation can hold 20% more than it’s limit without breaking. Each 5% you go over it -20% from the health of the foundation/pillar. So once you hit 20% your -80% in health whoch makes it much easier to raid your base. (Defenses can make up for the smaller less defended bases. Now you actually have to build smart and not just big). On an armored foundation you can place 4 armored walls before the integrity of the foundation starts to be compromised.

Now lets go to weather. Pretty short, just add snow/raid/wind/better fog.

Rain: Using water-resistant clothing or hiding under trees/rocks/shelter will keep you safe from the rain. However if your clothing isn’t water resistant and oyur out in the rain you get wet, and then you slowly get cold. The wetness stays a long time unless you take the clothes off and get beside a fire, which means you will warm up. Clothes dry off in 5 minutes or 2 minutes next to a campfire. If your not near a campfire and you take your clothes off you cold will stick. It wont kil you instantly like it does right now, but you will slowly get colder till your health starts dropping. This also introduces non-water resistant clothing getting wet and keeping you cold unless your in the desert or near a campfire. Rain can vary in intensity and intensity will cause you to get wet faster and reduces visibility.

Snow: You get cold quick and if you don’t have cold-resistant clothing you will die quick (2-3 minutes). Snow only happens in snow biomes and northern forest biomes, so no snowing in the desert. Much like rain it makes you cold (albeit quicker) and you need to wear the proper clothing in it. If your near a campfire, in a tent or base then you won’t get cold, but if your out in the elements you get cold quick. Snowstorms can severely limit visibility so you should probably have the proper gear before you venture into the north.

Wind: Doesn’t affect your health or status, but strong enough wind makes a distinct noise and can knock down lean-tos and move items on the floor. Really strong wind can knock down tents, foundations, flimsy structures and blows items far. There will be a little scale at the bottom telling you how fast the wind is and wind can affect arrows and other projectiles. (It’s not so strong that it will move the player though, that would be annoying).

Fog: The fog right now looks a it weird, so If it gets foggy just make it look a little bit better and enclose in on the player, limiting visibility. It will not get foggy inside of bases/caves.

Weather also adds a certain mood to the game. Right now, I feel like it just seems to sunny and happy for a brutal survival game that rust is. We are bashing naked mens skull in with a rock and eating their flesh, so why is everything so happy? Rain and snow and fog will make the atmosphere more fitting for the game. Maybe the sky can get cloudy and gray. It adds a certain grim undertone instead of every day being a perfect sunny day.

Guns right now shoot and handle realistically which is quite fun, but are not acquired realistically. WE SHOULD NOT be able to make high-tech guns like tommys or aks. Here’s what I propose:

We cannot build Assault Rifles, Tommy Guns, Revolvers or Bolt action’s and any other higher-tech guns. You will be able to make ammo and attachments though. Guns will only be obtainable through rad-towns, airdrops , VERY RARELY in trash bins or barrel like ways. Once you get a gun you will be able to repair it if you have a repair bench. Basically, this makes guns MUCH rarer. Often even the high-end players will only have 2-3 guns. Guns will get personal and it would be devestating if you lose one. You will be able to add flashlights or laster sights or silencer or upgrade the scope or whatever you can think of if you have the blueprint. You will also be able to name your gun and repair it and upgrade different parts of it. Once you have your upgraded gun you will start to love and cherish it. Then another guy with a gun or a bow or a sword sneaks up behind you and takes your gun. Devestating isn’t it? This makes for a much more realistic exciting experience. In exchange for not being able to build guns we will get more rustified weaponry. Javelins, Swords, Shields, Different spears and upgradable bows. Eoka pistol and perhaps even musket type weaponry. This changes fighting drastically and gives newmans a fighting chance against bandit clans and such.

Right now the Rust Radtowns are kind of boring. I KNOW that the current ones are placeholders and not the final product at all. Here’s what I think the final product should roughly look like:

Larger towns. Lot’s of different buildings with lots of different hiding places. Radiation that let you survive for awhile if you have a hazmat and a couple of rad pills. This serves as a PvP hotspot instead of the wilderness. (make hazmat suits a bit easier to get). This would be where you find guns (still rare to find guns in these towns) and other higher-tech items. However, rad animals and other hazards other than players await you in these improved rad towns, so beware (this makes up for radiation being a little more forgiving, it makes it so PvE and PvP is more prevalent in these areas). Larger radtowns with more hazards other than radiation will make it harder for clans to lock these down. Giving more places to hide, rival clans or players can easily plan an ambush. Also, to discourage radtown camping, you cannot place anything in or near the radtown and radiation will stretch out a long ways. Maybe anything in the radiation will decay at a highly accelerated rate, and sleeping bags will be destroyed quickly if they are in radiation.

PvE in general needs to be much harder.

Packs of wolves instead of easy to kill individual wolves.
Bears are fine as they are now, but maybe even stronger Rad Bears that are very, very tough to kill but give high yield meat and such. (Imagine packs of faster, bigger, deadlier rad wolves).

Enviromental hazards such as fall damage breaking your legs, improved bleeding that doesn’t kill you as quick but gets more serious over time and never stops unless you use a bandage. Hidden traps set by who-knows.

Radiated areas that are not part of radtowns (could signify secrets such as a bunker or hidden loot cache however).

This is just a rudimentary suggestion, but hopefully will be able to refine with feedback. In no way am I demanding any of this, I just want to throw my ideas out there.


-Better building makes mega-bases harder to make and less ideal. Of course raiding will have to be tweaked to make it harder to raid these bases (traps and such).

-Weather that actually affects the player greatly

-Super rare high-tech weaponry, better low-tech weaponry.

-Better PvE elements, larger and largely improved rad towns for PvP. Rad animals and more enviromental hazards.

-Basically a more realistic and much harder VANILLA rust experience. Easier servers like 20x gather and such will still always be out there for players who don’t like the added intensity.

Forgive my grammar, I was really tired while writing this up.

Fleshed out the weaponry part of this thread here:

You have some good ideas, but you should not focus on too much realism. Rust is not intendended to be realistic in any way (or show me someone who can carry materials and build a bunker in a minute.

Apart from that your suggestions are still of value if you justify them with gameplay reasons. Realism is a matter of taste, good gameplay is not.

Basically I support the ideas on slower progression ( with more weapons between high and low tech) and more PvE-stuff.
But it is not necessary to make it more realistic. Realism tends to make things more tedious.

right now im missing the point of survivial. After 1h of gameplay you have more meat than you will ever eat. So im sitting in my base nosedigging or running around and shoot stuff, then return to my base to continue nose digging


Your right, it is a personal preference. Realism won’t make things more tedious if done right.

I would like lots more realism in Rust, but I understand that some people don’t. Most of what I said isn’t intended for realism (except for the building part) but for making this game more survival based and less building and pvp based.


Exactly, it’s basically just a very large Deathmatch where you can build stuff.

Would be nice a option of PVE and unraid houses.
For people who just want to build.

These suggestions are meant to be paired with PvP, but it could possibly cater to just PvE servers as well.

That is only true, if you don’t go for “real” realism, but for selective realism where you only make parts of the game realistic which are fun. “Real” realism would just kill 90% of the gameplay.
If you don’t agree on this, go out with a rock and hack some trees and stones and come back with an AK 1 hour later :slight_smile:

So basically your condition “if done right” means “only make it realistic where it is for the good of gameplay” which i stated out before :wink:

Sorry, but for those people, there are a lot of other games. Medieval engineers, Minecraft and many others.

Currently the game’s description is a survival game. “Whatever it takes to survive”. It is far too easy to survive, and far too easy to get the things (weapons, gear) needed to run around pretending Rust is a first person shooter action game.

Games like Savage Lands make surviving the environment hard. So hard in fact that you are not worried about finding your next kill fix, instead you are just trying to survive, even if that includes cannibalizing the first person you meat (see what I did there?). Even Don’t Starve makes the environment harder to survive, in it’s own way.

I agree with the OP. The environment needs to be so damn hard to survive that the PVP element becomes a necessity. Right now the only use of PVP is to alleviate boredom.

I cam currently surviving, solo, on two servers. One is a high population server filled with vicious, trolling, malevolent assholes (for the most part) and the other is a medium pop server with a few KOS types. Why solo? It is more of a challenge.

It is still far too EASY to to scratch out a living without help.

It is getting a bit boorish to see all the “OMG I CAN’T RAID” threads. Too much of the player focus is on raiding, because it is so easy to survive.

I want to see the environment, metabolism, and animals become so hard to survive (still do-able though) that people forget about their need to talk trash and raid, kill, and PVP constantly. They instead say “I am starving and need shelter, I NEED to try and get in there, or try and kill that guy”. Instead of, “okay, i have a huge base and a lot of resources, I am bored, let’s go mess up someone’s house and kill then, then talk shit and say rekt a lot”.

I think the game is moving there.

Exactly, I agree with everything you just said.

On a sidenote: Made a couple of changes to the OP

I fleshed out the weaponry part and seperated it from the main post so it could get more selective feedback.