Realistic Crash Mod

I’m requesting a mod that makes all props welded to a vehicle and the vehicle itself to unweld, ignite and explode upon impact. No props must be deleted, just thrown away in a fiery explosion.
+75 mph for land
+85 mph for sea
+55 mph for air

If possible make a menu item to disable/enable plus more options (i.e. speed to explode, weld/unweld, etc)

Smart Weld.

Er wot?

Smart weld is a tool. When your thing hits the wall you can just undo the smartweld and all the welds and constraints break creating a prop explosion shitstorm as you wanted. If you want something to make the stuff AUTOMATICALLY break then thats propably not the answer.

No no no. Explode like an explosive barrel… and ignite.

Realistic crashes? :geno:

i would like a realistic crash like it is in real life so that you can drive out of a 500 meter building whit the jeep and it like ignites and explodes lik IRL

use smartweld and forceweld, thats what i do for things like this

I mean a dedicated addon that has very specific options to simplify it.

Sakaris made an addon like this a long time ago. It’s called SCars

That wasn’t made a “long time ago” and it isn’t what he’s looking for, either.

long time ago as in 40 days ago?

Thank God someone understands.

It’s not a model.
It’s not an entity.

It’s a LUA file that looks for certain events in physics and reacts accordingly.

SOmething like that, weld everything together, and use this stool and adjust how much Health you want!

holy fuck

commander204 THANK YOU for that.

lol Commander204 is the only one not confused as fuck =D

Damn, that mod he posted doesn’t work.

And it doesn’t extend to vehicles. Plus it’s particle rape.

uhh… Do you actually know that no matter how hard you crash a car at a wall it wont explode in a big fiery ball of fire and death. Real cars dont catch fire or explode when crashed… But on the topic, I dont think no one has ever made something just like this.