Realistic Earthquakes?

Hello, I’m using an env_shake to create some earthquakes and their frequency is being determined by a logic_timer. I was wondering if there was an effective entity or entities that could make the quake seem more realistic.

What I’m looking for is:

[li]Something that can make small pieces of plaster or dust fall from the roof for the duration of the quake; and[/li][li]Some to make a ‘quakey’ sound for the duration of the quake.[/li][/ul]
I’m open to suggestions. :v:

Use an ambient_generic with a rumbling sound for the audio, with a few env_dust or custom particle effects dotted around for the dust.

Thanks for that! :smile:

Another thing, is there a way I could make my lights flicker during these earthquake ‘events’?

When you said env_dust, did you mean env_dustpuff? Or am I missing something?

Use a few logic timers using random intervals to control the lights. Just don’t have too many lights flickering because your light map data will increase dramatically because every time you name a light, an additional lightmap will need to be generated for it ‘just in case’ it changes.

Logic Timer:

OnTimer >Light_01 (Or whatever you named it/them) >Toggle

And set the random interval times (Make sure the random interval drop down is set to yes) to something like 0.25 - 1, dependant on your choice…experiment in game with them. I use toggle as opposed to just turning them off and on with a delay as this adds additional randomness to it and looks far better.

To be honest I wouldn’t bother with the flickering lights. If you give a light a name it makes that light compile with “direct” lighting and compile twice (once On, once Off) and also eats up entdata if you’re using it often.
So you’ll end up with terrible lighting and a much longer compile time if you’re going to use it a lot.

Named light still compile with bounce lighting as far as I can tell.

Just checked, doesn’t look like they do bounce. You could try playing with sprites and overlays maybe to create an affect. If it’s only a small corridor, then it should be okay to use named lights. Play around with them to see what effects you get.

It shouldn’t be too bad if it’s 1 or 2 lights, it would take just as long as adding another few lights into the map. It will take a lot longer, however, if you name every light in the map. And only dynamic lights don’t have bounce calculations.

Not true. Named lights DO only compile with direct lighting same with lights with patterns. I know because I used them in my “Vertical Contest” map. They looked crap until I set them back to normal and they started compiling with proper light bounces.

I’m going to improve the earthquakes in SeriousRP (compared with DarkRP) and other than some extra sound effects, one option I considered was making some random entities for dust on client-side, I’ll probably set off some car alarms too…

As it’s going to be a map you probably want to compile earthquake stuff in and give a variety of movement.

I have quite a number of lights of want to flicker so I guess I won’t worry about it. Although, you were saying something about overlays - what’s that about? How could I do that?

Also I’m still at a loss about the dust effects!

Was that necessary? Chances are he won’t be using Dark RP if it’s a regular map.

Yeah, its only a regular map - not using any gamemodes (other than sandbox).

For the dust, try env_embers

Trying to use env_embers for the dust, but I can’t find a way to make it trigger when my logic_timer goes off to time it with the rest of the earthquake - as in, which input to the env_embers should I use?

Probably not, I just spotted it was in the map section afterwards. Most of the things you can do in lua though, can also be done in the map.

Some things can be done better in a map than in Lua, but this is also true vice-versa ;-).

Env_embers doesn’t really have any useful I/O’s so you won’t be able to control it (unless you kill it, but then you won’t be able to re-use it.)

Here is an example I knocked up in 10 minutes, with dust ( Probably do with a bit of tweaking), flickering lights (you can see the technical limitations of using named light by that I had to use two lights to make the lighting look more natural and note the dark patch on the button), also has sounds and some s-s-shaaaking.

You could probably be clever and use math_counters so that the earthquake intensity increases gradually, add a logic_case to crate a few more random background noises…etc. As you can see from my attempt at a flickering light, they can look a little funny due to the no light bounces.

Oh wow thanks, I’ll take a look at that later. :keke: