Realistic Formula 1 Car

Hello, my name is Slicer, and I am a huge Formula 1 fan. So I try to incorporate F1 racing into my life however I can.

I was just wondering if someone could do a realistic Formula 1 car (driveable as a bonus, but not for now. I don’t want to strain you people.) Just whatever you do, do not make a 2009 spec car, because those cars are super ugly.

To be more specific, I would like to see the MP4-23 Mercedes Mclaren Formula 1 car (the car driven this past season.) To help out, here are some pictures of the car.

I would probably recomend this task only to the most skilled of modelers, because of all of the details in the aerodynamics and what not. I also suggest buying a replica 1:43 model of the car, so you can see the details in the car.

Thank you very much.
-The Slicerer

Could probably be ripped from trackmania.

Doesn’t look as real as the one above.

If he wants an exact replica he’s just gonna drop his standards or wait like… forever… to get it done. That is a very complex model to do and it would probably take over a month to get every piece correctly modeled and a shitload of reference pics.

Oh. And is it possible to maybe rip the trackmania model out, then edit it to make it more realistic? Like adding the bumper in front.

It’s called a wing :slight_smile:

:siren: **

As it turns out, not a spoiler

** :siren:

No Pling. That’s not a spoiler. ITS A DOWNFORCE WING!!! Its basically like an airplane wing except upside down. A spoiler doesn’t actually create downforce, it just spoils the airflow. If an F1 car had a spoiler, and not a downforce wing, it would be screwed up completely

A terminology mistake there.

PLing, I gotta say that you’re wrong.

An upside down wing is a wing. A spoiler disrupts airflow (whether positive or negatively impacting performance). When it creates a downforce, it’s a wing. Even putting the tailgate down on your truck could be considered a spoiler.

I already wikipedia’d it. You’re a minute late. From which you get a punishment in a form of silly text in your edited post box.


To get back on the topic, ripping some F1 game models should be good enough for your standards.

And what about ripping from F1 games? I know some F1 games. Out there.

well i know there’s a whole modding community for the game Grand Prix 4. They make season packs and everything. They even made DTM mods and an LMPS mod.

Sorry, I can’t be bothered to make a thread so I bumped this. Why hasn’t anyone ported this!