Realistic Half Life: Source Swep Pack

Download here.

These are Sweps from Half Life: Source that uses Mad Cows base. (fixed version)

Requires Half life Source to work.

This is in early beta state due to not much sweps in this pack.
Weapons include -

HLS Shotgun
HLS 9mm Handgun
HLS Crowbar
HLS 357 Reolver
HLS Crossbow

Non beta versions will include all HLS SWEPs.

Edit: Plazimiciron is trolling Beta 3, grrr…

-snip for stupidity-

Why don’t you try clicking on the link? Theres pics on there to ya know.

Ok, I installed this into addons, but when I play the game the weapons do not show up in the ‘weapons’ tab.
Do you know why?

Try putting the lua folder in garrysmod/garrysmod, that should work.

How was he supposed to know that :3: ?

I did that, it worked but they are all errors. I decided that because you didn’t write any requirements
that there weren’t any requirements.

Whoa! I forgot the requirements! It requires Half life Source.

You could go for a more professional OP by editing with the [noparse][release][/release][/noparse] tags.

And does this conflict with HL:R Reconstructed?

Nope. That’s my favorite addon btw :smiley:

If i see pics here i can decide if i want to make the effort to click the link and download it

Currently trying to upload beta two :slight_smile:

Wow, these look pretty sweet.

Beta 2 Realeased!

Well, is it possible to make a version of this that does NOT require HLS? I have seen things like that which did not need the game they were from.

That’s possible, but warez.

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Beta 3 Released!

“warez?” What does that mean?


Well, in Mad Cow’s SWEP packs there was a few Fistful of Frags weapons (working). So yeah, I think it’s legal. Unless FoF is not copyrighted because it is a mod. If not then I do not know wether or not it’s legal.
Question A)Why would it be illegal?

I got an idea but not sure if it would work, you could take the models and textures, change them a TINY ITTY BITTY bit, and THEN use them. Would that take the requirements outta the picture? You would have to download the NEW models and textures as if they were custom.
Question B)So would that work?