Realistic hands and what not

You know how in Mirror’s Edge you can see your hands when you sprint? Can anyone make it where that happens in Garrys Mod, with a few more details like headbobbing and when you jump you can see your hands or something? Also, is there already a mod like this? Probably has been requested before and I didn’t see the thread, thanks.

SharpeYe simulates the head bobbing, dunno about the hands.

Tried it a while back, thought it was neat, but I really just want the hands. Thanks for the suggestion though.

There is Zoey’s Climb SWEP specifically made for climbing, it has punch, running, and push animations but no jumping or climbing animations as that would look quite weird because the view model never interacts with the worldmodel, pushing an item is easy to do an eye trick on, but grabbing onto a ledge is very specific.
Anyways, link:

Has the effect I want, but it seems kind of dull and cheesy, but it’s main purpose is climbing, not creating a cinematic effect.

Now when did you say creating a cinematic effect was what you’re looking for? You could’ve at the very least mentioned that at first, couldn’t you?

I think what I stated was obvious…in my opinion. Please, don’t start a useless arguement about what I said.

Now, does anyone have anything like this in development or know of a addon that does this?

Saying things like: Mirror’s Edge, and a few more details like headbobbing doesn’t state you wanted a cinematic effect. It just states you wanted details.
Moving on, I don’t think there are anymore addons then.

Boy I sure do love starting threads to see people only want to argue.

Here’s the solution: Don’t start a thread and be unspecific and then bring up an argument.

ANYWAYS, no, I do not know of anymore addons. If you don’t exactly want climbing but a cinematic effect what do you mean by that. I mean, it has running punch and shove animations already, what other kind of effect do you need?

As simple as I can put it,

It doesn’t need to be supar awesome Mirror’s edge stuff, but I think the hands appearing in front of you when you run and jump would be awesome.