Realistic HL2 Hand Skin?

So a lot of people hate the ‘bulkiness’ of the HEV suit hands from Half-Life 2. With that, they made various skins, from rebel hands with fingerless gloves on them to plaid sleeves with full gloves. Except usually the gloves are the exact same texture that was on the HEV hands (or some new muddy-looking thing that’s supposed to be gloves) with the ends cut off via some sort of image smoothing tool, and the fingers… Well, most HL2 hand skins skip out on hand detail. They either look one-colored or just ugly, especially the aforementioned rebel hands, in which the fingers have obvious lines on the sides and look like flat, boring low-detail photos that don’t actually look much like hands at all.

Surely it’s possible to create normal maps and a half-decent, realistic hand texture (with or without gloves) for the HL2 hands? I mean, there’s nothing we can do about the bulky sleeves, but can anyone create a hand texture that actually looks like a hand and not like a flat, low-res photo?

Er, sorry if this request seems stupid or vague at all. :sweatdrop:

An example of the ‘bad’ fingers I mentioned: [img_thumb][/img_thumb]
(No offense to the creator of said skin, although it’s just a rebel hands retexture.)

Heres a skin wihtout gloves?

It’s really badly done,i remember i downloaded this,it was terrible

If you’re just looking for some bare hands with sleeves, I suggest this

Those are particularly model replacements for the main HL2 set of weapons, which doesn’t carry over to everything else. I’m looking for a reskin of the normal model, sorry.

Make it yourself.

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