Realistic HL2 Weapons V 1.2!

V 1.2


What is new?

  • SMG grenade launcher added (Use + Left click to fire a grenade)!
  • Only the gun can shoot underwater.
  • There is now a special animation when you run!
  • Now there are icons for each weapon!

Here is a pack of four arms are the weapons of HL2 rebuilt, thanks to her, you can target (ironsight) and are much more realistic than the original, this is what the addon contains:

  • .357 MAGNUM
  • SMG
    YOU DO NOT NEED THE BASE “weapon_cs_base!”

Some screenshots:

Thank you and Enjoy! :slight_smile:


You’ll probably fix this, but I don’t see any screenshots or downloads.

Now the link is added.

Er, I haven’t checked the new version yet, but in the last version, the shotgun had an unusual POV and didn’t remove fired shells, making it kind of overpowered. Is that fixed? I can’t check right now.

I do not understand your problem, with several tester, it works fine, but if you have an error in the console, or some pictures or video, sent me and I verais I can do for you. Thank you for reporting this bug.