Realistic meshes (ADV Dupes)

Meshes have never looked more realistic on Garry’s Mod than those.
Those meshes are completely useable. They don’t lag on my one-year-old computer.
You can modify those like you want. Just take the Remover tool and remove unnecessary ropes. If you removed one part, the mesh won’t broke completely.
You also can weld or rope those to anything or do anything with them. They’re weighted 6x6x65 kilos.
Attention: Don’t throw those on people or animals. Those may kill them.

You need the ADV Duplicator to paste these files ingame:
SVN-Link: [noparse] Duplicator/[/noparse]
Name: anonsvn Password: anonsvn

How to add:
Put it in your addons folder. (Steam\steamapps\YOURNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons)

How to paste the meshes ingame:
Open your ADV Duplicator Tool, double click the “Meshes by JokeSpeaker” folder and choose your file.
Some of them are frozen. Just pick the Physgun, aim on the mesh and reload the Physgun. That unfreezes the whole thing.

Files that are included:
finemesh.txt: The normal mesh file as seen on the screenshots. (Ropes: 13x13, Collisions: 6x6)
mesh.txt: A less fine mesh for weaker computers. (Ropes: 7x7, Collisions: 6x6)
goal.txt: The goal as seen on one screenshot. (finemesh)
goalunfreezed.txt: It’s the same as goal.txt but the mesh is unfrozen and the poles are frozen. (finemesh)
tent.txt: It’s a horizontal mesh put on four standing frozen poles. It’s the same as seen on the screenshot with Gman. (finemesh)

All credits goes to me (JokeSpeaker).

I’m sorry if this thread is on the wrong place, but I didn’t find an addons category for it. And it isn’t a map, model, gamemode nor a script. It’s just a little Addon with several Mesh Dupes.

There is a contraption subforum, just so ya know. But this is actually pretty cool, I haven’t seen anything like this before.

I tried it out and it’s not very realistic. It would be much better to use 1x1 tiled pieces instead of the plastic crates to avoid the large gap you get.

Is it okay if I post a video of the meshes on Youtube? Because I think they’re really cool and already made a video and Im awaiting an answer.

Do you mean this? It’s in the screenshots forums, so I thought it’s only for screenshots and not for releases.

The mesh is more intended for goals and fitted meshes. It’s stable but got that gap. I’m working on more variants of meshes.

If you don’t give the credits of the meshes to yourself, you can feel free to upload the video. If the video is fine enough, I will put it in the download description.

Many people put up releases there. The forum is for whatever you have built and want to show off.

Here is the Mesh video:

Quite an interesting set of dupes. I’ve not seen these before. Thanks for the share, I’m sure I’ll find a use for them sometime. =D

The next release will go there. Thanks for the tip.

It’s fine. But it seems like you haven’t noticed that you can unfreeze the meshes completely with reload. Maybe I should add unfrozen files for people who are too lazy to read the description.
Thank you. Added to the description.