Realistic MP7 SWEP?

The more I look up the REAL HK MP7, the more I wish the SMG1 in Half Life reflected it better. I know it’s how it is for balance, but this is GMod after all, who needs a silly thing like balance?

There’s already an awesome SMG replacement skin with an updated model and sounds:

But it would be awesome to have a SWEP using those things that reflected the true qualities of the gun, such as:

95- rpm firing rate

200m. effective range

I’d do this myself, but I really don’t know anything about SWEPS. Otherwise, not really different from the SMG in terms of damage or anything. Model, sounds, firing rate, accuracy. I doubt this would be very difficult for anyone who knows SWEPS, but either way, let me know if you’re interested.

You can always check out those MadCow Swep packs or the Realistic Weapons Pack, Just look up a bunch of weapon packs, youre bound to find it somewhere.

Yeah, I’ve seen that, but it wouldn’t work with the model I posted, or the sounds. I just don’t like the model in this version, it feels bare and unfinished.