Realistic NPC Dying?

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Is it possible to implement realistic NPC dieing? Such as.

I shoot Breen in his stomic. He grabs his stomic in pain as he is ragdolling.
I shoot Breen in his head. He dies, totally collapses to the ground.
I physgun Breen to a very high height and drop him, he dies/ragdolls etc.

I don’t know about the first one, that would take epic coding and scripting to get a ragdoll to grab it’s stomach.
The second one already happens.
The third one might be easily implemented. I don’t know Lua scripting and coding, unfortunately.

Okay. Thank you :smiley:

well I was thinking about this too and there is a program called Endorphin and another one by the same people called euphoria and gta4 used them for realistic deaths, recoils, and other stuffs. mabey sum1 could take a ragdolled anim. from one of these programs, put it on said character and add a script so they play the animation half way and then ragdoll as they are about to hit the ground. just a thought.

Good idea, Thanks for bumping this thread. I want someone to do this.


If you followed the thread, you’d release ds3 hasn’t posted anything in months and, the npc version wasn’t released.

Oh this would be great :dance: :dance: :dance:

I could see the grabbing stomach thing happening. Smod has twitching for ragdolls when npcs die, I wouldn’t see a lua code make one of the arms throw the arm to the stomach, if thats what you want. If animation, I can see but would take a year or 2 to get to beta. But I’m taking a guess because I’m not a lua coder to. Sorry, but good idea.

Good idea like the guy above, maybe do what l4d said in commentary

Blend animation with physics

It is a good idea, but as far as i know most people don’t like spending time on requests and this sounds
like something much time is needed to make.

That’s pretty complex for such a simple thing in Garry’s Mod, right now. It can be done, but it would turn out to be your generic pre-2000 death animation effect, where it’s the same animation each time, depending on where they were shot.

I, and I’m sure the other scripters, love spending time on requests, and I frequently visit back here to see if I can help anyone out, but usually people’s requests are full blown projects, or they don’t know our current limitations with the language.

To simplify this concept, I would highly suggest throwing/twisting ragdoll limbs (arms, forearms) in the direction based on their axises to make it look as if they are reaching for the wounded area.

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Ragmod has the things you want. With a bit of luck, DS3 will release his old version.

I’ll partially agree with you. However, your mentioning “we’re gay” is hardly a point that makes the rest of your comment valid.

I visited a few servers, namely GMT, and DarkRP-based servers, and their both horrid. GMT has some really high quality, and refined stuff behind their project, but some of their gamemodes really lack any sort of flow, it leaves something to be desired. DarkRP servers are just backwards altogether (It was my first time in an RP server, as I was considering making my own - I wanted to see how players interacted). You gain a salary for absolutely nothing, jobs are on an elected basis, instead of going to a workplace and asking if they’re hiring. Most of the time, players are begging to be CP, why that’s such a great thing, I don’t know. Also, there are furries in EVERY DarkRP server, is that suppose to be a FEATURE?

It seems like the good scripters in the community should reassess their work, and see what the people want. There are some people here with great talents, but all I see in public servers are Lua errors, buggy small projects that shouldn’t be too buggy in the first place, if they’re just a small SWEPs or something, and people wishing there were frequent updates on their favorite gamemodes. It seems sometimes that the current active developers are working on some really cool new ideas, which pretty much never get released.

I know what Ragmod is. and also, don’t be a dick in my thread please? He was making a point. and if you followed the thread, you’d realize he’s not even working on it, nor releasing it.

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realistic dying dreaming

This happens in Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 when the zombies die sometimes. Like when they are shot in the stomach with a pistol or something and they grab their stomachs and drop on their knees very slowly. I always thought that was pretty cool. I’d love to see it happen in gmod.

Or what about the hunter animations from episode 2?
If the are killed they still try to stand and then turn to ragdoll…

Didn’t Silverlan make actually what you just said.