Realistic NPC Dying?

Instead of just an automatic ragdoll when killed. Maybe while the NPC is dieing it could grab the part of it’s body where it was shot? Can anyone do this? Is it possible? and maybe a twitching affect while the NPC is down.

I know that SMOD managed to pull off the twitching part… maybe ask someone who made it.

Ask someone who made SMOD? That would be hard, because people who make games never answer the common player with very good ideas.

It would also be hard because he doesn’t speak english. :suicide:

Wow. lmao

Im wondering why gmod has fucked up hte half life 2 episode 2 animations, in episode 2 if you shot a zombie in the legs it would stumble, if you shot it in the shoulder it would flinch backwards, WHY GARRY! WHY MUST U RUIN THE COOL STOOF!!

Yea. It sucks, but hey. We still have Garry’s Mod and that’s awesome.

Now back on topic. I’m ganna start begging for a lua coder soon.

:ghost: PLEASE!

Guess not :3:

i want this too D:

Plz give me a npc twitcheh :slight_smile:

So basically you want some new animations.

I’ll work on it.

no WE want a npc that twitches when dead

How does one twitch while dead.

Anyway, to make it “grasp” himself, you’d just need some animations.

Not really, you could of course make a lua script to call when a npc dies to apply small random forces to specific bones, but i belove keep ragdolls would need to be on. I really dont want to start on it, im to busy making the ultimate dod sweps XD


good luck wizey :razz:

Its Zoey by the way, , and i already have made them, just havnt released them

wow zoey thats great :smiley:
Can you pm me a link for them?

Not released :ugghh:

yeah unreleased :stuck_out_tongue:

release it for me ^^