realistic NPC physics.

when an NPC is hit with enough force, but not enough to kill it, it will go ragdoll. then get back up with eather 1 of 2 animations. one on his back, and one on his belly.

same goes for if an npc falls more than 20 feet.

A problem is it will never fall exactly the way it should, so when running animations to get back up it will look messy. Is that what you want? Besides the only NPCs I know have those animations are the zombies, and they die so easilly doing this would only make them easier.

xD Well now with the Animations LIbrary not Impossible at all! Only… I think it is hard as fuck to use it!

Yea. I agree.

Everyone (I bet) would love to see better NPC physics and such.

And it would require a ton of computations because you would have to calculate how to animate it each time.

i dont care if its sloppy. one get up for when there on there back, and one for when they are on there front.