Realistic PPSH '41

This is the PPSH 1941 sub-machine gun. AKA that badass russian gun from CoD World at War. Have fun, the installation is below.

*This SWep uses Worshipper’s Mad Cow base.

-New Features-
-UPDATED to Worshipper’s Mad Cow base.
-Made the textures darker, therefore making it sexier.
-Added new hands, by COREDAMAGE
-World Models are now re-aligned by Worshipper’s code, an awesome feature of his new SWep base.
-Custom weapon-select icon.

Drag and drop into your steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/ADDONS folder.

Please note that I did not make the model. I’m not that good.

Cool I guess.

How is this realistic? It would have been fine if you just named it PPSH’ 41 but naming it realistic will bring in the gun experts.

Another modification of the already-made PPSh. This, though, is better than the ones made. The firerate is realistic but the drum size should be 50(if you’re looking for the ultimate realism). Also one more realistic aspect you didn’t notice: If you reload with still some rounds on your gun (when you take off the drum) you still have one shot in the pipe and when you place the new mag in it you’ve got 51 rounds(the drum + bullet in the pipe). If you fire all rounds and then reload (there’s obviously no bullets in the pipe) you’ll get 50 bullets (that are in the drum).

Now make a “realistic” SKS

I named it “Realistic” in reference to the SWep base it uses. Each installment in this series has used whatever the current, popular, flashy SWep base is. For example, the previous version used the Realistic CSS base, also by Worshipper.

The insurgency model dosen’t like to cooperate well in Gmod.