Realistic Roleplay: Upcoming Realistic Roleplay Gamemode

Hello I am BabyGal, Owner of Realistic Roleplay. [ ]
We have decided to make a Realistic Roleplay Gamemode that will be different then many other gamemodes.

We are looking for a coding team to help us create this gamemode. We are currently working on it at the moment.
This is a gamemode that we were hoping to be for GMOD11 But since 13 is coming out, we will probably start working on that asap.

If you know anything such as Scripting, Lua, etc and is wanting to be apart of the coding team please let me know!

SteamID: BabyGal

Add me if you like to discuss this thread.

-Realistic Roleplay Staff

If you want great lua coders, you need to offer money. Just a tip.

Willing to offer money also, Sorry forgot to add that in!

Seems like this is a re-make of PERP…

Yea but possibly a better version of perp as perp got shit when every1 got the leaked version and Pulsar shut down ):

I’m a fan of Pulsar Effect, Been around perp since PE.
Hoping to have a gamemode that will be as great as that is!

As of now RRP does have a perp server but we will are wanting to make our own gamemode.
Hoping to get a team of coders!

What is this monstrosity you are running that is called PERP 4.5? I thought there were only two PERP’s.

it is called Perp4.5 due to having it custom made.
That is off topic though.

Back onto topic–
For new gamemode.

Is it just me, or does everyone hate it when people rename their edited gamemode to something like:

PERP2.9 3/4 v6

Yeah that pissed me off a lot.

nahh dylan it pisses me off more when people say its perp 4.5 when its perp with fix’s…
but back on topic

many coders do u have already?

I wouldn’t of made a perp if PE OR PD was still up.
I got fedup with all these LITE PERP servers / Semi-roleplay
I missed PE and PD’s roleplay, decided to make my own.
Also we added a lot of content onto PERP3.0
We have 2 coders so far.

So instead of creating a fresh-new gamemode you are just rehashing Dark RP with Crafting.
What redeeming qualities will this gamemode have? Will it be static or playerbased economies? Will it throw away the cops vrs robber trend which is all far to common in every ‘RP’ Gamemode?
Seriously, every gamemode I’ve seen relating to RP is Cops Vrs Robbers. Even Tacoscript downgrades into Cops Vrs Robber because the strict cannon destroys any chances of having wiggle-room.

sounds like darkrp with relationships

I think that the point of most games is to escape real life and it’s consequences.

I don’t see why you would want to simulate real life, players like the more basewars-ish roleplaying gamemodes like perp and darkrp.

how can darkrp be realistic

wow. so realistik.

…This looks terrible.

the revolutionary relationship system adds elements of realism like no other gamemode can offer

At least, it would be revolutionary if The Sims hadn’t done it a long time ago. Besides, what would the system do?

Originally there were just 2 PERP, then kids started adding numbers while just editing 2 lines of code.
Ontopic: Good luck finding a Lua coder willing to do this for free.