Hey, I made a new server called

Realistic RP (PHX, WIRE, PC-MOD) |

and i need some admins for it. they have to be good admins with some experience and know how to deal with minges. they should play on the server alot and most of all have fun. so if your interested repley on this thread and try n meet up with me on the server

the server is DarkRP and doesent currently have custom classes. later on i will be making custom classes.

server ip :

Your description lacks depth, the spelling is poor, and your server has DarkRP.

I suggest you find a more RP oriented gamemode, and maybe attend an english class.


I went on, Managed to make myself invisible. Found some guns. RP_showdeaths was off.

Admins didn’t have a fucking clue what hit 'em.

i was the admin. :smiley:

I’m so proud of you sport!

thanks daddy

Now lets go and play baseball.

Like the good ol´ times.

Oh god, another DarkRP server that claims to be serious.
Please, press that back button until you are no longer on facepunch, then hit tools, clear private data, and then brainwash yourself to forget about facepunch.
Though, I’ll join and try it out as I’m bored as fuck.

Heh I can try and be one. I use to have my own server back when Gmod was version 9.


Don’t knock DarkRP just because the majority of people can’t use it correctly, it’s meant to be modified to your likings. To be honest, I’ve had good RP in DarkRP, but only after I modified it so that it wasn’t as easy as it usually is to get guns.

I can help if you need add me to steam as mil0001 :slight_smile:

Its DarkRP, aswell its not serious…

Sit Rep: Servers great i encourage everyone to come on the server great admins great people always someone on it

I’ll be an admin if you want?

P.S: my name is “sum1 hu r soo smarticlar tehn u”
Get it? :smug:

Can you advertise on this forum?

In this forum you are able to advertise your servers.

Now on sandbox

Spawning props from your Q-menu is realistic indeed.

You know, i might just do this.
What addons do you run?
And does it have custom classes and shipments yet?
I will join the server when i get home.
my steam name is darkdoom2

EDIT: apparently the server is sandbox now, did you abbandon it?
and btw right now the server is filled with minges, dm’ing constantly

EDIT: i see why you need admins, theres way too many minges