Realistic shipments for DarkRP Bugged

On my server when i get a weapon out of a shipment the spark emitter works the first time you try, but no guns comes out. I have Realistic shipments for DarkRP, along with CSS Realistic Weapons and DarkRP 2.3.7 and i have installed the realistic shipments correctly and i put the css realistic weapons for DarkRP in my servers addons the guns work if u spawn then from your weapons menu (q/weapons) but if you try to spawn them out of a shipment then only spark emitter happens once then no mroe and no gun comes out of any shipments. tell me if you had this problem and fixed it really would like to sort this.


Please ensure you are using the latest SVN revision of DarkRP, download it at:

Also this is a common issue that occurs when you do not have Counter Strike-Source content installed onto the server, follow this article to install it correctly:

If you have further issues please reply or post an Issue Report on the DarkRP Googlecode site.