Realistic sniper rifle

I would like to see a sniper rifle with adjustable scope, realistic ballistics (only bullet-drop, no wind-compensation please),
and “breathing-effect” (the scope moving around a little when zoomed in).
Preferably the scope would work like this:

You toggle the zoom by pressing the right mouse button.
While zoomed, if you press “E” a slider appears to the right of the screen where you can change the height offset of the scope in both positive and negative values.
The offset value is always displayed to the top of the screen.

A built in rangefinder, or a separate pair of binoculars with rangefinders would also be nice.

Could someone please do this for me?

i second this. Always have wanted

hold down right click to hold your breath, tap it to go out of scope.

Something like ArmA sniper rifles with the ScopeAdjustment mod.

Exactly. This would be great :smiley:

I’ll see what my friend can do. He’s currently coding a css gamemode.

That would be great if you could.

Is this going to be based on the combine sniper rifle?