Realistic Sprinting add-on, Please.

Hi, i was wondering if anyone could make a realistic sprinting ADDON. please. I’m using it in my new gamemode called the underground, and i don’t have enough free time for the sprinting mod.


  1. Screen shakes as you sprint.
    2.MAYBE If you could make it so when the user presses his binded sprint key, his sprinting speed ascends, if you can’t do this, i think i can do it when i release the game mode.
  2. Hard breathing noise when he runs out.

And thats it. i hope i dont waste your time with this. I would like this very much and if you could do it , there will probably be a reward.

Please dont flame me about my name, i made it up in a couple of seconds.

Learn some Lua and check out the sonic speed up box in ToyBox. Replace the running speed and sound a done.

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Many addons do this. You could try sharpeye, includes all of this and more.

Maybe we could have a feature where you can’t use your weapons while sprinting, a la the Call Of Duty series

Did you get this idea from Open Aura? :downs:

You noob , here its the requestion section , he don’t whant to learn , he need that addon and he don’t found it !

Simple really.

Already done this a couple dozen times.

I might release my newest one. Yet to decide though.


Grammar nazi that you are. :frog:

Ontopic: I’ve seen alot of servers, which had this ‘addon’. Even simple DarkRP servers.

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