Realistic Torches

Hi. I think torches should be more realistic. In the current Alpha build of rust, you start with a rock, 2 medkits, and a torch. You equip the torch, and notice that you can also turn it off, kind of like a flashlight.

I think it takes away from the realism of the game, and when torches should be crafted, they should have more uses, for example. You spawn in the world, and start collecting. Suddenly, you hear a barking noise. I think instead of running, you should be able to hold out your torch to scare the wolf away from you, or atleast be able to stop it from attacking you.

Another thing that I request is to have the ability to burn places down. I know that there will be a lot of people against this idea, since people (like me) could just become pyromaniacs and burn everything. There should be an incredible amount of effort and time taken into burning a building, so players can clear the area up.

Also, you should be able to light torches from campfires, and also remove the timer that shows how much "fire"power you have left. It adds a degree of caution into the game, as you could be out looking for supplies, not knowing when the torch will run out.

But hey, that’s just a request


These are supposed to go in Rust Suggestions.

Dont you guys think you sometimes go to strongly into realism by the cost of gameplay and having fun?

Just sayin’

not at all… whats in the game right now is in probably 300 other games… besides the crafting (which is in 100 other games) you just get guns , run , and kill…

the game is supposed to be a survival game. realism will help a lot.

and how would a better looking torch effect the gameplay? lol

OP meant something more than just visual tweaking

or through a bush and set it on fire :wink:

Sounds like me!