Realistic USMC and US ARMY

Can someone please model a realistic looking USMC and US ARMY model? I don’t like the reskins (crysis 2 USMC/US ARMY, mw2 operators).


US Army

I would also like a realistic Humvee, and a Black Hawk or something.

If there are any realistic looking models please link me to them, but not any reskins or Americas Army ones.

You prolly already have seen this ones but who knows…

Here’s some U.S Army models, and they look pretty realistic.

And here’s some USMC from COD4:

Hope I’ve helped.

Dude, did you not read my post at all? "If there are any realistic looking models please link me to them, but not any reskins or Americas Army ones.

I also want one from scratch. I don’t want some COD4 looking stuff. The proportions are soo messed up and they don’t even look that marine(ish)

Not likely going to get anything with that attitude.


I’ve read the post and I’ve clearly stated ‘You prolly already have seen this ones but who knows…’.
Also, I don’t know Americas Army models and the U.S uniforms are quite similar.
If you are trying to find some ultra-realistic model it’s gonna be VERY hard. But I wish you good luck.

I’m just saying what I want and he linked me to exactly what I said I didn’t want.

I’m not trying to be rude. To me, it’s like a combat medic giving some guy a headache pill when his leg is blown off and not listening to the soldier.

Sorry, I just want some help and I don’t want people linking me to what I asked them not to.

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Sorry, on the name of the addon it clearly says AA3 or Americas Army. I appreciate your thoughtfulness though.

What’s wrong with reskins of models designed by professionals from AAA games?

The rig is messed up. And, they are to bright and no wear and tear.


Realistic bro it’s a goddamn video game made to escape realism for godsakes.

If you are going to be a retard, please leave. Next?

All I am asking for, is some realistic models with some wear and tear for posing for screen shots.
Thank you, and have a nice day. :7

Well still being a prick to others won’t get you shit. And it sometimes costs money for others to make a model from scratch. Not everything comes free, unless if you’re lucky to get some random guy who knows shit loads of modeling and decides to do it for free, in which you haven’t been lucky. It also takes time. You may have to wait maybe a few days, or even more. Depends if anyone is interested in your request.

Dude those AA3 models are just fucking bright because of the map i made those screenshots in, and you kinda remind me of a 5 year old girl that keeps whining to her mommy for a doll while the mother already bought a doll for her. Those AA3 models are more than a reskin BTW there’s als sorts of shit to it.

Why don’t you want those america’s army models anyway?

By ‘wear and tear’ I’m guessing you mean like, dirt and grime? Cause it would be easy to do that with by just editing the texture a little bit,

but they are the most accurate modern soldier available for gmod right now, just make do with those, they’re excellent models and alot of work was put into them, you’re not going to get a picture perfect one made from scratch unless you pay for it, and that’s going to take quite a while realistic USMC.

Sorry, double post.

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Can you teach me or show me how to do that? Much thanks!

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Salva, I said “I don’t like the reskins (crysis 2 USMC/US ARMY, mw2 operators).”

Don’t be an asshole to people if you’re asking them to help you. Fuck off.

No one is going to remodel something that is already ported from another game just because “you don’t like it”.

I actually kind of wanted you to do it. How much would it be?

Also, can someone link me to an editor so I can add dirt and grime myself? And show me how to do it?

I don’t think anyone should help you just because of the way you’re acting.