Realistic Walking

Is there a mod/script that makes walking and jumping feel like the original Half-Life 2? That would be just dandy.

The only difference between garrysmod and half life 2 after you acquire the suit is the speed. You can change it with Gamemode.SetPlayerSpeed

In case you wanted to know, in HL2 you walk/jog/whatever at 190, and runs/sprints at 320.

So I just put those codes in console right?

No, you start by learning what a lua script actually is.

When you’re done you’ll create a lua file in lua/autorun/ and place your script in it, the one in the page I previously linked is a good example.

Umm, I’m a bit lazy and am really confused, can someone do this for me please? The walk speed at 190 and the run speed at 320? Thanks.

Place this into lua/autorun/server/hl2speed.lua :



Wait, so how would I put this in that folder? Copy and paste it to notepad? After that, how would I run it? This is the last question, I promise.

Copy-paste that into notepad, save it as hl2speed.lua, put the file in the specified folder, and Im pretty sure it works automatically, if not type “lua_run autorun/server/hl2speed.lua” in the console once you spawn in Gmod.

Oh, ok!