Realistic Warfare

I created this Realistic Warfare gamemode for orignally as a new coder with no prior knowledge and i developed it for a few months with some success until recently when i couldn’t be fucked with it really.

It was used by, a community i was once apart before i decided to go to full time British army reserve until i’m in the regulars.

The reason I’m releasing this even though dark ice still use it is because, they without telling me gave the project to someone else to develop who has different visions of the game mode, i would have been fine with it if they hadn’t been cunts and asked me (The person who developed the majority and who started it).

Here is the link for the download of the source code which comes in OLD my version and the new version obviously enhanced by someone else.

The game mode relies on a weapons pack for the shop.

I also have integrated dynacam without the ability to turn it off into the game mode but also turned the effects down a lot. (thank you to the maker)

Credits to everyone who assisted with the game mode, Riddler, Awate, Nevec (Especially), Kenny.

*P.S. I have a mini game in the gamemode where you do !pac (pick a card) and you get a random card with a random effect.


I cannot supply them, I’m not using my computer and i won’t back for a few weeks.

I forgot to mention, here is how you format the help menu.

Name the file in the code to what ever you want, create the text file with the same name in the garrysmod/data folder

Help menu;
This will format all of this
in the same way inside the help
menu until you place a semi colon
which will create a new line and
end the text block;
dbline simply means it will make a double
line instead of a single line but you
must add a semi colon to the end;

Good job with it!
thanks for it :slight_smile:

have fun in the army be safe bruh


also im requesting the mysql files plox.

Ive actually been on that server! its pretty fun as well! they are having problems with the saving of their stats and weapons at the moment and accounts keep getting reset! LOL i spent like 5 hours on it and got to around level 8 only to have all of my progress lost the next time i joined! I will DEFINATELY download it and mabye we could turn it into something YOU would like instead of those people who turned it into another FTS gamemode.

OH! and btw… I FUCKING HATE THE SUN CARD! i keep getting it. >.>

Very fun gamemode by the way.

And goodluck in the army ._.

Thanks lads, I’m now full reg and just training a little before I’m sent to Afganistan for my second time but this time I’m not in 4 para but in 2 para of the para regiment.

I hope this helps anyone out on their projects or helps them create a new versions what i can play when I’m back.

Good luck lads and I’ll see you around.

Perhaps you should remove the new version modified by PortalCake… (Copy112) as it has MySQL database info… No one asked you because no one figured you would mind + you was never on.

Agreed, Kettlewell was not the only one working on this gamemode, as he claims he was making the majority. There was many people other than him such as me(who had been there from the begining)Portal like many of the other contributors helped fix issues and such. Kettlewell quite a few times went absent and was off for extended periods of time without warning, this wasn’t the first time a external member had been asked to help fix the code or modify it to be better(by him). However! at no point did we remove Kettlewell from the process, he was free to work on it at the time he wanted ( as shown by the trust in leaving him to work and edit RealWarfare)

SeveredSkull, those problems where caused by Kettlewell making mistakes in which portal has now fixed and converted to MYSQL during one of his absences at which he was away for 3 weeks without a word of telling Dark-ice or even the dev team, he just dissapeared and we were not going to let the server sit in that state for 3+ weeks.

Also, just because i’m shure there will be alot of people asking for proof. The ; in the help file syntax is not needed, he did not know this because he did not know how to make it so someone else did.(and he didn’t complain about it)

let´s be honest… Garrysmod is an mod for half-life 2(and other source games) and garrysmod is for building and kinda,there is some gamemodes like zombie survival,Infected wars ect. but nothing!nothing,can make garrysmod realistic.

This is a good gamemode, I’ve played it before on there server alot.

I’m a big lad i don’t need to tell you if I’m going to be occupied, remember i do have a child and an occupation that requires instant attention.

The saving code fucked when garry updated the game and that’s when the problem began and the proof is in the players because the problem never occurred till after.

There were a few people who contributed to the project and i mentioned that on the inital post.

I started this project without any prior knowledge of lua so I’m fine with being helped at times.

Everyone that assisted i gave permission but this time i didn’t.

Won’t matter anyway, why continue it? I released the code for this very reason, so get off it you fucking complaining muppets (Riddler/Killers2).

Hey Killers2 can i piss around with your stuff if your offline for a certain amount of time? That’s your logic.