Realistic Water Props Pack[/t][t][/t]

Features :

-wet water
-5 different coulourable skins
-semi-realistic shaders
-it’s hexed

DOWNLOAD :!AAswxD4a!f-UCwzUUjYatJEggCJ9zwf_txcqKubLxv-1Mxrj3AvI

Have fun I guess.


I endorse.

Sweet, these look really nice

No offence but it kind of looks like the surface of a garbage bag


Not sure about anyone else, but two of the skins are missing textures for me. skins 3 and 4 to be exact. Everything else works fine though.

I removed them myself because they were Norpo’s old textures.

I’m already wet

ok, that explains it, thanks.

awesome work

I’m tired of photoshop the shitty water in my Screenshot.
And now I’m happy.

Great job!

Thanks! An interesting tip for people is to color the water itself with a color tool with a little bit of transparency, then you can use the floor itself as the bottom of the sea and you can color it any way you want to.

Cool, now we’re gonna see more varieties of scenebuilds.

Apart from that, we also need effect props, such as water splashes, fog, dust, maybe some wind effects with leaves and that, in other words atmosphere effect props.


Waiting on Kriegsmarine stuff like.

Finally thx!

This may seem like a “silly” question to all of you but i’m pretty new to downloading stuff of other websites into Gmod. Can someone please explain to me how to put this content in my game?

go to steam folder and into gmod files open “garrysmod” and then open “addons” then make a new folder and name it whatever you want,now open the files you downloaded,and put all of them into that folder