realistic zero-gravity flight.

I like spacebuild,but it gets boring with only 1 direction of sight.
players always fly in space without any turning or something like that.

any1,please make an addon which will “unlock” players direction.
also for better control in space there should be 2 more addons:
1.the advanced jetpack.
it is an advanced jetpack,that also allows direction change.
it is mouse-based,so if you want to make it-PM me.
2.magnetic boots.
this boots just change player’s direction if the angle of prop,on which the player is standing,
changes,letting people to make even more interesting spaceships!

ps.admins,if you remove my topic-PM me why plz.

Im pretty confident this is impossible outside of a pod

Well, spider-mod seems to do something like that…

i guess this is possible.
in gmod i can turn players over themselves,but they very quickly move bak,if there was an addon,that could just unblock these limits…at least NCPs can be turned…