sorry the thread moved here :

Un peu louche, tu devrais donner plus d’informations précise de ton gamemode.

Because we really know French

I do. Sort of.

Something about the information being a tad incomplete, he’d like some more.

Then again it’s been a few years.

Google translate is your friend

“A little suspicious, you should give more precise information in your gamemode.”

lol suspicious

Don’t worry, be happy.

Just someone who is doing his own spinoff just like JgcxCub, although probably doing a worse job and without permission. Is he using JgcsCub’s code of the original vanilla as a base? Either way, I just hope JgcxCub keeps his going, its still and rev. 6! and I want to see what he is up too!!!

woot guy XD
other guy was working on colonies O.o ???
I find this cool :smiley: !!!

and i don’t use JgcxCub addons T.T.
I starded this addons 1 year agos T.T

That didn’t make much sense, but okay :buddy:
You can use mine as a base if you want. Just download it and mess around with the stuff. Check the thread out for features and have fun!

i don’t use your T.T. I use this one as base :

and before i was using this one as base:

but i’ll be happy to add ur addons thing to " upgrade " mine and to learn some other thing about lua
the first versions of my addons :

Uploaded 456 days ago

i download ur thing and i saw that :
Danharibo for the core code (entity setup, basic survival & reproduction AI).
then we have got the same base but ur addons is at least 100 * harder than mine .
But there is 1 thing where i won:
MY TREE :smiley:
i made a small tree system.
if u want u can “upgrade” your tree system with taking mine

2 coder = 1 best addons :smiley:

if you are okay i’ll make a realistic_ehnanced_colonies V1
based on your really good system and on my tree :wink:

i don’t use his code T.T