REALLY annoying problem

So its about microphone. It works perfectly on Skype, Msn etc… but on gmod it does pickup the sound but with ALOT of shazzeling(bzzzz) and wind noise and skips some words. But even if I dont speak directly to the microphone it still has all wind noise and shazzeling? I have tried adjusting settings and all that, and my microphone is quite new like 2 months old?

Hoping for positive answers!

has it ever worked before in other source games?(CSS, HL2DM, TF2 ETC…)
if it did before then try to clean the mic or move to a less noisy spot.


I really never tested it out… I will give it a shot.

I believe Source’s voice system is horribly old and compresses the stuff you say a lot. Try to turn off the booster function in the voice settings in the GMod options.

I am having problems as well, especially with the voice cutting out randomly.
Doesn’t happen to all users, but some people got that problem.
I’ve never found a way to fix it. Seems to work fine on other source games though.

yup, I get cutouts too a lot. seems to happen mainly to US people (as I am EU)