Really Bad lag when i go full screen

Just started to play rust and i am getting really bad fps when i play I get even worse when it goes in to full screen anyone know why?

Try using Firefox.

Maybe you have a shitty computer? I don’t know.

Your computer is not good enough, lower your resolution and awesomeness level.

I don’t have a shitty computer I run almost every game on highest settings no problem

What’s your specs?

intel i7-4770
8GB of memory
Nividia GTX 670
2TB hard drive

Try firefox.

Don’t know your problem dude, you should be able to run it all maxed out with those specs.

i did it is working better now that i tried firefox thanks for the help i will try to keeps messing with it

Don’t go full screen? F11 and Full Browser

It means you have to give me your account so i can test it for you from my end… 0_o ?

…whoa try firefox… ? F11??? dont tell me this game is browser based 0_o ?? Now im really confused.

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